Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boros Reckoner Wins

So, I've never been good at brewing decks, but I am good at taking others and making them my own.  SO everyone knows all about "Red Deck Wins" (basically an aggro mono-red deck that has a higher win percentage than most other mono/multicolored decks).  The premise is to get in fast and quick with lots of direct damage and a mana curve that allows you to drop a card every turn, so turn 1, Stromkirk Noble, turn 2, Ash zealot, turn three Boros Reckoner (maybe), into turn 4, Hellrider.  All the while being aggressive and turning your guys sideways every turn, like my LGS owner says, "you can't win if you don't turn dudes sideways."  Add in some flavor with Searing Spear, Rolling Temblor, or Brimstone Volley to deal direct damage to other creatures or directly to your opponent, the opponent being my preferred target, unless there is something that just scares the shit out of me on the board.  Another Sorcery that I really want to run is Mizzium Mortars, especially b/c I really want to overload it and deal 4 damage to every creature I don't control, but with a CMC of 6, you hope with this deck you never actually make it to turn 6, your goal is to be heading to game 2 by then, if you play it right and your shuffle is with you your continuing on to turn 5 Hellrider again, and swinging with 5 creatures thereby dealing 10 damage thats unavoidable directly to your opponent (thanks to Hellriders static ability of each attacking creature deals 1 damage to defending opponent).  If all goes well you should have the win here....

The key of course all falls into your draw, I have a bad habit of keeping bad hands, if your on the play you really should not keep a hand with 2 or fewer mana, Ideally you want 3 lands, a 1 drop and a 2 drop and then you should be able to fill in the rest.  Every time I say, oh I can get there, I never do and I regret it and then start looking at the library at the end of the match and am like oh man, the next three were lands.  I so would have had you...Whatever, you can't get there if you don't have it.  So check your hand, make sure you're pile shuffling between rounds and you should be good, oh and remember what you sideboard, it always sucks to go into a new round and realize you didn't take out your sideboarded cards.

I'll update this post later when I can add my current mono-red aggro deck.

Creatures (28)

Spells (9)

Land (23)


  1. Hey, I'm also a starting mtg blogger. My interest is mainly in casual budget builds, but I play a little bit of competitive standard.

    I really like this deck. Have you had the chance to play test it much? I could definitely see it dominating aggro decks, but I wonder what the match up against Thragtusks and Resty Angels is like. I also love to see a list with Hellion Crucible in there.

    1. I haven't taken it out to FNM yet, it's been a kitchen table deck at present, went 4-0 against a jund reanimator yesterday at a friends, in most cases, if you get the pulls, your swinging for the fences by turn five, hopefully by then you've got two Hellriders and some 1 and 2 drops down helping make the extra abilities of Hellrider doing the damage for you and you dont have to worry about Thragtusk. But again, haven't really played it out yet. Currently running a modified Aristocrats deck, and I just put together a mono-black with Crypt Ghast and Griselbrand.

  2. Is it similar to Conley Wood's PT Gatecrash deck?

    It definitely looks unique. I'm interested to see if it emerges as a new archetype, I think it's been fairly successful so far. Let me know how it goes!

  3. I'm running a similar deck but with white and green splashed.

    Creature (28)
    4x Boros Reckoner
    3x Firemane Avenger
    3x Ghor-Clan Rampager
    3x Lightning Mauler
    2x Loxodon Smiter
    3x Pyreheart Wolf
    4x Rakdos Cackler
    2x Spark Trooper
    4x Stromkirk Noble

    Sorcery (2)
    2x Blasphemous Act

    Instant (7)
    4x Boros Charm
    3x Searing Spear

    Land (23)
    4x Clifftop Retreat
    4x Mountain
    4x Plains
    4x Rootbound Crag
    4x Sacred Foundry
    1x Stomping Ground
    2x Temple Garden

    Fast aggro, some removal and some surprises (blasph w/ REckoners)