Tuesday, March 12, 2013


After watching coverage the past weeks since starting this blog, I have noticed that Wizards has really stepped up their US coverage on Pro Tours.  They have a new camera that gives you a players hand view, which is awesome and something the WSOP has been doing for a long time.  While Magic doesn't have the payouts that a WSOP event has, it still has a lot of the drama, stress and it deserves some of that respect.  Which I why I think ESPN should partner up and showcase the tournaments like they do the WSOP events.  I know they aired a magic back in 1998 with coverage of Worlds.

I'll admit this was back in the day when espn2 was not well known and didn't get a lot of respect, a lot like ESPN8 from Dodgeball, "If it's almost a sport, you'll find it here!"  Given the popularity and that this is the 20th year of MtG I think we deserve better coverage, and guys, keep the mouth breathing sleepy judges off camera (GP Verona), it just makes us all look bad.

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  1. As a poker player AND MTG player, I've been REALLY happy with the great coverage they're getting. Now, if only they could get it on TV instead of just YouTube. :)