Sunday, March 3, 2013

Friday Night Magic - 3/1/13

So, I headed out to the LGS for FNM this week, with a new deck, I cannot take credit for it, I built Paul Rietzl's aristocrats deck that he and Sam Black put together.  I have to admit this is quite a powerful little brew.  I did make one modification, I  put the Obzedat, Ghost  Council into the main and removed the Cartel Aristocrats, and added one more card, Gather the Townsfolk.  Was super stoked to play, it's been about a month since I made it to an FNM, so I hadn't really seen what the meta was doing with the introduction of Gatecrash.  I saw several mono-red (red deck wins).  My night consisted of round one playing against a blue/black Augur of Bolas/Nephalia Drownyard brew that eventually had me milling out in game 2, but game three got really hasty and I dropped Falkenrath Aristocrat on turn four paired with Silverblade Paladin for the win.

As you can see, swinging for 8 each turn is awesome, and even better if you have a Knight of Infamy on the board as well (Exalted can be sneaky).

Game two was a random deck with blue/black/green and conjurers closet, which midway through the game we were informed my opponent was using wrong since he was trying to blink the same creature twice when he had to closets on the board.  Due to not calling it out I was unable to roll back his life total that thanks to blinking thragtusk 4 times was now 36.  So, this match went to game 3 and I pulled out a W 2-1 as his confidence got rattled after the judge called him out.

Game three was my only loss of the night, it was mono-black zombies, and I just couldn't keep up, between Blood Artist and Gravecrawler (who always comes back...).  I just wasn't fast enough or didnt have the right mana combination, or I would tap the wrong colors and be one short.  So it was a fast 0-2 loss on that one.

Game four was quick, went up against a Green/Blue (I say it was aggro, b/c man it was fast with all those mana dorks).  Running Champion of Lambholt and Infinite Reflection, I actually let this guy cheat and when he mirror imaged, I wasn't paying attention and his images came in with the counters on them.  However thanks to the ghost council and the Silverblade paladin, swinging for 10 each time was brutal.  Got the W, 2-1.

So that was my first FNM trying to do the blog, I will try much harder to have better notes on my opponents and maybe some pics from the evening.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear em.

Keep your mana free and have a great week!

Oh and here's the link to the Aristocrats deck, and the other top 8 from Pro Tour Montreal

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  1. Good read, I look forward to more! I'd love to have one of these professional-caliber decks to take to FNM or tournaments, but I just don't have the money to spend on them. Too many rares, lol. My decks always seem weak in comparison.