Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why you shouldn't buck a trend...

So I took a different deck to FNM after going 4-0 with the aristocrats last week.  I decided since i completed my playset of Voice of Resurgence, that I needed to go back to Selesnya.  I built it pretty similar to Bryan Fry's Big Selesnya deck, with a few modifications, dropped the Centaur Healers in place of the Voices, and added two Alive // Well.  I was amazed at this deck, generally with 8 mana dorks I usually get one in every opening hand, Friday was the exception, I rarely saw them, and had a hard time pulling double white or double green in several matches.  I should have stuck with the winning deck that I used last week and I might have faired better than 2-2.  No monster pulls in my 2 prize packs this week, but there's always next week.  Here's hoping they get the AC fixed as this week looks like the start of the Texas summer heat.

Until next week, don't keep a one lander, and stay cool!

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