Thursday, June 20, 2013

First time ever 4-0 and a monster pull

Last friday was epic, let me stress this never happens...I went to FNM running the latest Aristocrats build, it was rocking and working on all 4 cylinders.  I only went to 3 games in round 2 because I was ashamed to mull to 4, round 4, I'm 3-0 and facing one of our more competitive players, we get all the way to then end, and he's got me its game 2 and I'm locked down due to Curse of Death's Hold, and most of my creatures have little asses.  When I was like, "Damn there goes my perfect night!" and he looks at me and goes "your 3-0?"  me, "yep".  "I scoop, I concede" So technically I didn't do as well as it sounds, but hey, I'll take it.  So with tiebreakers I'm second, I get 6 packs and the promo.  I toss a pack to the guy who gave me the win, and then I start opening, first pack...foil Voice of Resurgence, the whole store is like holy crap, lemme see, whatcha want for it...  I'm like, I dunno yet, it does complete my playset, so let me think.

So there it is, great night, just need to add in some graveyard hate and enchantment destruction, and I should be able to do well again this week.

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