Friday, June 7, 2013

Back From Vacation

Man, it's been a while.  Road trip back to Arkansas, Star Trek Into Darkness, vacation in the Dominican Republic, and now its time for FNM!  Since I'm so refreshed, I decided to take a new approach and try out a new deck.  Totally stealing this from Bryan Fry over at the Nerdivores MTG Podcast.  He has this list at 4-0, and I'm super stoked to try it out.  I was also shocked to check back with Dragon's Maze to find Voice of Resurgence is now a $50 card (the most expensive card in Standard right now).  Craziness!  So without much ado, here's the list I'm running tonight, I'll post a follow up or just edit this later to let you know how I do.

B/R/w Standard Vampires

4 Godless Shrine
4 Sacred Foundry
4 Blood Crypt
3 Dragonskull Summit
1 Clifftop Retreat
1 Isolated Chapel
4 Cavern of Souls

Follow up - due to sick wife, I did not make it out to FNM, and now that seeing Aristocrats are still a thing after the SCG open, I want to build that deck again.  I'm so wishy washy when it comes to what to play lol...

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